But why?….



When we first started telling people of our plans to sell everything and live like gypsies for the next couple of years, we received mixed response. For the most part, the response was nothing but positive encouragement. However, from time to time we have been met with “Wow! But why?…”

Because we can! That’s the long and short of it!

We’ve not had the best time this past year, we’ve had so many funerals it’s been ridiculous. Perhaps we’re just getting older and this is the new norm? We’re not about to idly sit around and find out.

We are very conscious of the years passing us by, our eldest is now 11 which means we only have 7 more Summers with her before she will officially be an adult and the next chapter begins. Now that’s a scary thought!

IMG_9322 copy

My favourite all time quote is one by Professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich….

Image result for good girls seldom make history laurel

What relevance does it have?… We don’t need to conform. Perhaps the white picket fence is not everybody’s dream, and material things do not bring happiness. I hope that we can teach our kids that there is more to life than possessions and following the ‘rules’. I hope that they will endeavour to challenge the status quo, take risks and live passionately. I hope that we lead by example.


Many won’t understand why we have chosen this change of lifestyle, and that’s o.k. They don’t have to understand, nor do I care for their options on the matter! Our priorities have shifted and quality time with our kids, coupled with adventures to share for a lifetime now sit firmly at the top of our list! We’ve been predominantly self employed now for about 12 years and will be more than happy to see those pressures disintegrate!

Taking this path was a choice that we gladly made. It has not come without hard work, sacrifice or uncertainty. To say that we are not a little apprehensive about what’s to come would be a lie. We’ve never heard anyone return from an adventure like this with many regrets though 😉



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