Tasmania’s Central North Coast


~ Burnie to Turner’s Beach, including Guide Falls & Upper Natone Reserve ~

What a place to explore! We have had the best time over the past couple of weeks exploring this part of sleepy old Tassie.

Camp Sites

We chose to camp at Midway Point Sulphur Creek. There happens to be 3 free camps along this stretch of the coast (including Sulphur Creek and Preservation Bay) all within close proximity of one another. We picked the middle one as we liked the beach better and there was more space at that camp on that particular day! Don’t be deterred by the train line, the train only comes 2-3 times per day and its quite the spectacle. Everyone comes out to wave, count the cars and marvel at what a great job this driver has!

We spent two nights at The Blue Wren RV Park so that we could get the washing done and stay close to the local Ulverstne rodeo, which was awesome by the way! $12 per night including water and toilets!

Last, but certainly not least, we spent just one night out at Upper Natone Reserve, but do kind of regret not staying longer. Such a quiet free camp, lots of shade and a sweet little lake that apparently houses an elusive platypus – yet to be seen by us! There was a flushing toilet here too, as well as picnic tables and wood supplied for Winter campers. If you’re staying at Upper Natone Reserve, head down and check out the lagoon. You’ll see a sign for the Lagoon Loop Walk, an easy 30 minute hike through the forest. Take the walk! It’s stunning!



Spreyton Cider Co
While we had air bags fitted to the ute at Northwest Offroad we decided to unload all of the bikes and take a ride out to Spreyton Cider Co. Such a great place for families! $2.50 kids juice tasting paddles was the highlight! But the apple and raspberry alcoholic cider came in a close second.


Turners Beach Berry Patch
We spent a good few hours at the berry patch, another must do spot for families! Awesome outdoor games, great food and delicious berries to be picked. Kids got to fill a $5 punnet each with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and whipped up yummy juice and icy poles back at camp.

Burnie & The Makers’ Workshop

More free penguin experiences at Burnie! Walk along the boardwalk behind the Maker’s Workshop and you’ll see the babies in their nesting boxes in broad day light at this time of the year.

What an awesome learning hub the Maker’s Workshop is! We took the Paper Making Tour and learnt about the history of paper making in the region. The kids learnt about the different types of paper made at the Makers Workshop, including Seb’s favourite – Wombat Poo Paper. We then all got to make our own paper to take home which was so much fun. As well as paper making, the Makers is full of artisan crafters showcasing their skills. We met Josie Riches, who uses reclaimed fishing rope found on local beaches to weave beautiful handmade baskets, and Rasa Dunlop of MadebyRasa who crafts handwoven textiles from yarn that she spins herself. Both ladies took so much time to explain to the kids what they were doing. It was such a hands-on learning experience that the girls in particular really appreciated.

Guide Falls Farm & Guide Falls
We heard about the Guide Falls Farm Music Festival through social media and knew that we had to check it out! Lets be real, they had us at local cider and live music. What a well set out little animal farm. Trout, sheep, cattle, horses, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, geese, pigs, and much more! Being a hot Tassie day (like over 30! 😂) we thought we’d check out Guide Falls on the way home. What an awesome waterfall! Admittedly we did walk in on a local pool party of sorts (music pumping, beers flowing) but it was the first waterfall that we’ve seen in Tassie with such a great swimming hole.


Travelling with a self-confessed nerdy kid like we are? There’s a very cool antiquarian book shop in Ulverstone called Pete Jermy Old & Secondhand Books, go check it out! There’s also, very randomly, a quidditch field located along the river. Like a full on Harry Potter playing field! Kids were pretty chuffed.

Handy Traveller Tips

Don’t fall for “The Big Apple” at Spreyton on the Wiki Camps App like we did! It’s actually a supermarket called The Big Apple

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