House Sitting on the Darling Downs


Where has the time gone!?…

We have been house sitting in Warwick now for the past 3 weeks! We had lined up this sit many months ago via Aussie House Sitters, and what would you know it… we hit the jackpot yet again!

A beautiful home, stunning garden and lovely couple to sit for. We’ve been feeding a small handful of chooks, and a pet duck in exchange for a spot to park the van. Whilst we still sleep in the van, its been lovely to have a large kitchen top bake in, lounge room with a fire place to snuggle up by, and plenty of space for Barkley to run around off the lead.


We’ve spent the last 3 weeks not only exploring all that the Darling Downs has to offer, but Nathen also managed to pick up a bit of work on a road crew doing night shift, which has certainly helped the budget look nice and healthy in time to hit the Sunshine Coast!

The kids are really excited to have their Nanny flying into Brisbane in the coming week, but for now it’s back to prepping the van for departure and getting the most out of having a nice big oven to cook in!!!


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