A Travel Plan of Sorts For 2019…


We set out on this journey with no real plan of action in place. All we knew was that we wanted to do Tassie in the warmer months, and that we would need a couple of years (at the very least) to see the whole of Australia. We’re about 7 weeks in now and have finally made somewhat of a plan. A kind of, sort of, loosely flexible plan.

So where will 2019 take us….

Tasmania ~ Jan-May

As many of you already know, we are currently enjoying eating our way around the gorgeous state of Tasmania! We arrived in late January and will head back to mainland Australia in mid May. Considering our ferry ride cost just shy of $3k, we really want to take our time and make the most of it! Realising that we’ll most definitely see some cold Winter-like nights, we’re hugging the coast while the sun still shines, and we’ll make our way into the hills at the cold weather hits. A bit back to front in some ways, but we’re desperate to see snow on Cradle Mountain! Call us crazy but that’s the very basic Tassie plan of attack. At the time of writing this blog post, we’ve seen the top north west corner, Launceston and Hobart. We are now beginning to venture south west, before tackling the east coast and inland Tas!


Queensland ~ May-October

Once we arrive back on the mainland of Aus in mid May, we have 18 days to mosey on up to the Sunshine State for our second scheduled house sit. We searched for house sits in sunny Queensland as we thought we’d be craving some heat by the time we got back from Tassie. It kind of backfired and we have a house sit booked in Winton for 3 weeks! Whilst not the warmest part of the world in June, at least Winton’s relatively close to the tropics! Closer than Tasmania anyhow! So we will spend the Winter in Queensland soaking up the sun, visiting old friends and staying warm.

South Australia ~ October-December

We are working around a wedding this year! My sister gets married in late November back in my home state of SA. Therefore, we need to be back around mid November to help out with wedding prep. We’ll take our time coming back through the north of SA, exploring the Flinders Ranges, which Nathen, nor I, have done properly before. We may also explore a little more of the Barrossa Valley and Adelaide Hills by caravan, which will take on a whole new light.

Christmas? Who knows.¬†We haven’t got that far yet, but it’s definitely on our radar. At the moment it’s looking like we may head east and tackle Vic & NSW in early 2020, but that could change at the drop of a hat! That’s what I love most about this lifestyle, we’ve become so spontaneous! Something that I never thought we’d describe ourselves as.



One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to tick off a few more things from our bucket list! Especially sinking a few more coldies with fellow travelling families. Those guys are the BEST!